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Hayley ₱ 1,500,000 45 sqm - 54 sqm

Silverdale Residences is the next best thing to living in an exclusive house and lot community in Metro Manila. The location, even when located outside of Metro Manila, is still favorable. It is close to schools, commercial establishments, and other key destinations within and near Bulacan. Hence, you will enjoy the accessibility and convenience that it offers when it comes to meeting your family’s basic needs. You no longer have to travel to and from Metro Manila in order to satisfy these needs.

The house and lot model in Silverdale Residences come in an affordable price package starting at only PhP 1.2 million. For this price, you can already get a 2-storey single attached home. This will provide you with more living space for your family to enjoy. And yet, the price is unbeatable, which also makes it an ideal place to invest a home in for families with a limited budget. In fact, it is being targeted for starting or growing families.

Prominence Properties is gaining its ground when it comes to housing development. Even though they started with condominium development, they are expanding into house and lot developments too. Hence, this is the perfect opportunity to invest in your own home at Silverdale Residences while costing only a fraction of house and lot developments in Metro Manila (or anywhere in the NCR area). If you value your budget (or have a limited budget to spare) without compromising on the style and comfort of your home, Silverdale Residences has got you covered.

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