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Prominence Properties’ Silverdale Residences in Baliuag, Bulacan is marketed as an affordable house and lot development. However, just because it is affordable, it does not mean that the developers scrimped on the facilities and amenities that they have incorporated into the masterplan for this subdivision. They wanted to offer homeowners the opportunity to live in a comfortable and secure neighborhood that also allows you to enjoy the little pleasures in life. Whether it is escape from the buzz of the city or an opportunity to relax that you seek here, you are guaranteed to satisfy that.

The sense of community is one of the most important aspects that the developers wanted to focus on with this project. They believe that with a good sense of community, this will make the subdivision a more livable for the families who reside here. And speaking of community, the village clubhouse is the first main amenity that is available for you to enjoy at this house and lot subdivision. The clubhouse can serve as a place of socialization wherein residents can get to know each other or celebrate communal activities in. This can also be used as a venue for special occasions such as birthdays and other events.

To ensure the security of the entire subdivision and the homeowners, Silverdale Residences is protected by a perimeter fence and an elegant entrance gate. The gate is manned by security personnel to properly monitor the entry and exit into the subdivision. At the same time, the gate also features an elegant design that creates a luxurious feel to the subdivision and leaves a good impression for guests who enter through it.

A standard amenity that you can find in a house and lot subdivision is a covered basketball court. This is also available at Silverdale Residences and will be full-sized to make it a suitable venue for sporting events, particularly basketball. Since the basketball court is covered, it can also serve as venue for other events within the subdivision since it can accommodate more people than the clubhouse can.

The basketball court is not the only facility available at Silverdale Residences that is suited for the active individuals. The playground area is a great spot to get your kids to go out and enjoy the natural setting. The playground is located close to the park, which gives your kids more open space to play around in and get active. Since pets are allowed in this house and lot community, you can bring in your own pet into your home as well.

In addition to the leisure and recreational amenities available in this subdivision, the developers at Prominence Properties have also provided basic subdivision facilities and finishes. This is to make the entire development a suitable place for you and your family to live in. Some of these features include concrete and wide roads, drainage system, provisions for light and water upon turnover, and a reliable water system. Even though the area is not prone to flooding, the developers made sure to build an efficient drainage system for ease of water management, especially during heavy rain.

  • Covered Basketball Court
  • Village Clubhouse
  • Parks and Playground
  • Elegant Entrance Gate
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